“Sleep all day, stay out all night, never do a lick of work. (James Whitmore, “The Asphalt Jungle” 1950)

our feral kittens

March 28 Sitting in my car at 6 PM after seeing a movie, saw a mother cat and her kitten playing in the parking lot around some dumpsters. The kitten was a gorgeous smoky grey tabby. I was fascinated. She danced away. Wouldn’t let me get within ten yards of her.

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kitty health

We used to feed our cats anything they would eat because they were picky. We let them go down to the basement of this old house to search for mice. But we learned a bitter lesson when Lightning was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw.

training cats

If you have a trusting relationship with your cat, she will do everything she can to please you. Your cat looks to you for approval, but she needs to know what you want her to do. Possibly the easiest way to get your cat to teach you how to train her is the "High Five".

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